Monday, December 28, 2015

Shutters in deepest France.


  1. The French, Italians and Spanish have mastered the use, not to mention the aesthetics, of shutters in ways we Americans seem never to have done.

    1. As you have probably notice, shutters are something of an obsession on this blog. They are hardly ever found in the UK but are everywhere in France for both shade and security.

      I once helped with restoration of an old village house in France in a village where strict preservation rules had recently been implemented, from over a hundred kilometres away it was declared that the shutters should be of a certain kind of wood in variable width planks and must be painted anthracite grey. A walk round the village showed that there was not a single set of shutters which had ever conformed to these new preservation rules. I had carefully removed the old hand made hinges which were ready to be straightened by the village blacksmith but the new rules would have let us buy new plain machine made mild steel rubbish from the local DIY store!

      I miss the old weathered shutters now that so many places have been over restored, a set like these are a real treat. I regret not being quick enough to capture an image of a scorpion swinging off the first floor shutters of the house we spent two weeks in long ago. I checked everything very carefully in that house for the remainder of the stay!